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We provide an individualised and sustainable approach to training and nutrition. Our service provides you with the tools to achieve optimal results without compromising your lifestyle.

All of our services require a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks commitment. By commencing coaching with ebtonline.com.au you agreeing to a minimum of 8 consecutive weeks of payments.

To cancel your subscription with ebtonline.com.au you must email support@ebtonline.app and provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice.

Subscriptions cannot be paused.


Neither we nor our personnel are medical practitioners, and do not give medical advice, treatment or diagnoses. Our Content, and any other information provided through the Platform is intended to assist you with your body composition and training goals. You acknowledge and agree that nothing in the Platform or in the Services we provide may be taken to be medical advice, treatment or a diagnosis by us or our representatives, nor are they intended to be a substitute for consulting a medical practitioner.


This online platform is operated by Evidence Based Training  (we, our or us).  It is available via our mobile application and may be available through other addresses or channels, including our website located at ebtonline.com.au.


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