Lemon and Coffee for Weight Loss

Lemon and Coffee for Weight Loss

It is usually around this time of the year where your clothes might be feeling a bit tighter post Christmas celebrations and a lot of people start to look at jumping into the latest fad diet for a quick fix. These diets often promise immediate weight loss and results which can be very tempting. The most recent trend currently circulating through social media is around adding lemon to your coffee. You may have seen this on Tik Tok or heard about this through friends of friends, but this is a challenge in which you add lemon to coffee as a form of ‘quick weight loss’. Now you might be thinking ‘what a weird combination’ and you are right, however some social media users say this is their go-to trick to shed a few pounds.


We’ve all heard of adding lemon to water to add flavour as well as the extra Vitamin C, however adding this to your coffee is just another trend with no supporting evidence or “fat burning” properties. Unfortunately, these fads are created by people with no qualifications and instead instigate unhealthy eating behaviours and stir hysteria to encourage others to follow in their footsteps in order to achieve the goal of easy weight loss. The only reason lemon should be added to coffee is if you, personally, ENJOY the flavour.

Healthy weight loss can be achieved without restrictions or having to force yourself to consume some unappetizing bizarre concoction of ingredients. This viral trend is a red flag for developing unsustainable nutrition behaviours and is definitely not something we support or encourage. If weight loss is your current goal, then please understand that it is a process which takes time and any diet promising a “quick solution” could lead to negative eating behaviours. Understanding the fundamental principles of weight loss can also protect you from falling victim to these unsupported claims or fad diets.

Eating for weight loss is about developing a sustainable approach to maintaining a calorie deficit over a period of time (which is very individual to the person and their goal). Avoiding crazy restrictions and allowing yourself to enjoy the foods you love in moderation can help make the calorie deficit more achievable. Some can eat intuitively and others might benefit from counting their calories which is just a safeguard to ensure that you remain within the deficit consistently. We also encourage you to make sure that you’re getting enough rest throughout the week and staying hydrated especially as we are in the hot summer months. Staying active and managing your stress levels are also very important. As you can see, weight loss is influenced by so many variables which takes patience and consistency. So please consider this when developing your fitness goals this year and be realistic about the way in which you want to achieve them.

From all of us here at EBT, we hope you have an amazing New Year and look forward to working alongside you in 2022!

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