Fat Loss Facts

Learn the principles of fat loss and ditch the diet.
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  • Myths & Key Principals
  • Macronutrients, Calorie Balance & Supplements
  • Meal Frequency, the Metabolism, & Cheat Meals
  • Tracking Progress

Fat Loss Facts

Learn the principles of fat loss and ditch the diet.

Results without compromise.

Achieve the results you want without compromise.

EBT applies the most up to date nutrition and training principles and individualises them to your lifestyle. We teach you how to achieve realistic and sustainable results that will enhance your lifestyle, not restrict it.​


Karla was on a muscle gain phase for the challenge and her weight went from 48kg to 50.4kg. She consumed around 2000-2400 calories per day.

“I honestly get excited every two weeks to see what meals I’m getting and the support & hype is great! I smashed my first goal and am on to my next one!”

“When I came across EBT, I quickly fell in love with the idea of being able to eat what I wanted whilst also achieving the results I desired.”⁣

Meet Georgia. Her total weight loss was 21.5kg over 8 months. This was achieved through adhering to calorie deficit and resistance training 4x per week. ⁣⁣

Emily started her first challenge at 95.2kg and has just completed her third challenge with us at 69.9kg, just under her goal weight of 70kg.⁣

My nutrition plan included meals like the EBT Egg Muffin, Tacos, Rice Paper Rolls, Burgers, Ice Cream & Delicious Snacks. It was amazing.


Backed by Evidence Based Training.

Nutrition & Training Programs

Customised nutrition & training programs that are tailored to your body's needs with the food you love to eat.

Evidence Based Training App

Complete Access to the EBT APP designed and developed to amplify your results.

Your Own Personal Coach

Your own personal coach to guide you along your journey and help you reach your goal.


An individualised approach to nutrition specific to your goals and complimentary to your lifestyle. Receive access to our macro friendly recipes and achieve results with a meal plan that you enjoy.


Train specific to your goals. Our training is personalised to your goals and is made specific to the equipment you have access to. No gym or weights are required


Detailed and personalised macro breakdowns and targets. Learn how to go off your meal plan without compromising your results.


Access to our EBT support team. We provide ongoing support to ensure you stay on track. Our team is here to answer any questions you have along the way.



JOIN Thousands of people who have TRANSFORMed 
their BODY with Evidence Based training!

Evidence Based Training.

How does it work?

Evidence Based Training is an online training and nutrition platform that provides individualised strategies to fat loss and other fitness related goals.

There is no one plan fits all approach to fat loss, for this reason, we apply the fundamental principles of training and nutrition to your individual goals and circumstances.

It’s simple to get started.

1) Select a program

2) Fill out your personal information.

3) Connect with an EBT coach

EBT creates a plan specific to your goals, requirements, and training level.

Check-in each fortnight, and get updated plans based on your results and feedback.

Stay consistent and reap the rewards.

Ready to Join the team?

Interested in  normal coaching? Select a program


$ 64 /week
  • 2 x Single Day Meals Plans Per Fortnight
  • Specific Macro Targets
  • Fortnightly Check Ins & Plan Adjustments
  • Access to the EBT Website and App
  • Ongoing Email Support

Training & Nutrition

$ 85 /week
  • Weekly Training Program
  • 2 x Single Day Meals Plans Per Fortnight
  • Specific Macro Targets
  • Fortnightly Check Ins & Plan Adjustments
  • Access to the EBT Website and App
  • Ongoing Email Support
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Training & Macros

$ 54 /week
  • Weekly Training Program
  • Specific Macro Targets
  • Access to the EBT Website and App
  • Ongoing Email Support
  • *No Meal Plans*


Most frequent questions & Answers

2 x Single day meal plans means 2 full days worth of eating per fortnight.

You can alternate between the two options however you like. For example, you can do option 1 for 3 days and then option 2 for 3 days and repeat until your check in.

Yes, we have once off programs available

Your first plans will be available within 2 business days of signing up and filling out the initial questionnaire .

We currently don’t have a sample meal plan on our website as every meal plan is different and tailored to you and your preferences, however, if you head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages we have many examples of days on a plate

We currently do not offer any trials at the moment, however, we do provide a once off plan at the cost listed in our once off program options. More information can be found in the once off plan section on the website.

No, you do not need to exercise to lose weight. We have had many successful clients join our nutrition coaching service only, however, exercise does help contribute to weight loss and wellbeing.

Yes, we cater to pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our EBT dietitians will work closely with you.

The better adherence you have to your plans the greater your results will be.

We take an evidence based approach to training and nutrition.

Giving you the greatest chances of success.

It is important to understand that results take time and your expectations need to be realistic. We educate you on this throughout our coaching process.


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